What is a Service Plan?

Barracuda's starts tracking your device the moment to purchase a Service Plan and request its location for the first time. Thereafter, your Barracuda device will be tracked automatically during the entire time period of the Service Plan that you chose.

To protect luggage, your bag has to be able to send a signal from anywhere in the world. The only way that’s possible is for the device to have a SIM card like your phone does. Luckily, Barracuda comes with its own SIM card so your luggage can be located virtually everywhere. Whether at airports, hotels or up in the mountains, we can find it and report location on your mobile app.

Your Barracuda comes with 30-Days of Unlimited Tracking included (60 days for those who pre-ordered).

You can buy different Service Plans according to your needs. Make sure you always have a Service Plan active in your account to be able to track your luggage. You can buy service plans from the smartphone app or the web interface.