How does the USB charger work?

The Barracuda USB charger has a large a 10,000 mAh battery that uses the lighter Li-Ion Polymer battery more suited for travel. That gives it enough capacity to charge most phones 5 times over. It comes with a micro-USB cable for recharging.

The charger has two USB ports so you can charge two devices simultaneously. It can be easily removed from the carry-on. This allows you to use it independently as well as comply with security and airlines regulations that forbid checking in luggage with batteries.

Finally, the Barracuda USB charger has a built-in flashlight for emergencies. We have recently changed the way to turn the flashlight on. Depending on your model either click the button twice to turn on/off and press the button for 1-2 seconds.

Note: We recommend conducting 3-4 full discharge / recharge cycles to prime the battery at the beginning of its use.